Puerto Vallarta fishing with PV Charters
Imagine the thrill of your fishing rod bent double and line straining to its limits as you tangle with a
300 pound tuna or 1000 pound marlin on your Puerto Vallarta fishing charter.  The trophy fish
lunges skyward or dives headlong toward the bottom.  This is just another day fishing Puerto
Vallarta with PV charters, and you have the confidence knowing your Puerto Vallarta fishing guides
provide only the best in gear and tackle.
When you’re fishing Puerto Vallarta waters it’s good to know all the little details have been
considered.  At PV Charters we take the time to make sure guests on our Puerto Vallarta fishing
trips don’t lose the big one due to faulty equipment.  Our gear is the best available on the market
and perfectly suited for fishing Puerto Vallarta and targeting world-class bruisers.  We even take
the time to regularly change the line on all of our reels – it’s the little things that count when you’re
fishing Puerto Vallarta. We understand that the chance to catch THE big one is what makes Puerto
Vallarta fishing some of the best in the world.  Our captains are the most experienced in the area
and have been fishing Puerto Vallarta waters their entire lives.  We are dedicated to excellence,
and realize that fishing Puerto Vallarta could be the most exciting part of your vacation.
Not many places can stand by the claim they catch trophy billfish year-round, but this is a Puerto
Vallarta fishing reality.  The local knowledge and experience we bring to every Puerto Vallarta
fishing charter have been putting guests in the fighting chair and making their dreams a reality.
Our dedication to providing the finest in modern equipment and vessels makes it possible for
guests fishing Puerto Vallarta with PV Charters to focus on what’s really important – fighting and
landing big fish with confidence.  We recognize that it’s not the boat that catches fish, but the
people inside those boats who have chosen to test their skills on a Puerto Vallarta fishing trip.
Call us and tell us what you want from your Puerto Vallarta fishing trip and we will customize a
charter perfect for you.  When you’re fishing Puerto Vallarta for big fish, it’s the little things that
for more info on PV Charters please visit www.fishingpuertovallarta.net
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